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About TEAI

Top Ease Asia Investment Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 2015 as a high-end engineering and marketing consultancy firm for high-value-added businesses located mostly in Asia.

Our Vision

We believe that many potential clients are lack of professional strategies of bridging basic research to marketing stage in reality, therefore hesitate and struggle to justify their long-term R&D.
Our strength lies especially in bridging basic R&D plans to real markets by providing customized and in-depth knowledge from first-hand experience. We are looking forward to corporate with our partners in a long-term relationship.

Our Mission

We want our business to be perceived as niche, dynamic, tailored and long-term oriented; we strive to be seen as a collective intellectual capital and also a distinguished partner to our clients.
Our current clients include up-and-coming and respected firms in Asia, North America and Europe. Their business fields include food industry, cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry, in which relate to bio-technology.